Producer, youth & teen advocate, motivational speaker, blogger, songwriter, musical director and CEO of DDub Productions, D-Dub is finally dropping DDub Productions presents: The Dead 27 mixtape on March 27, 2009. “The Dead 27” mixtape is a project packed with 10 tracks, all produced by this Brooklyn beatsmith. It pays homage to late hip-hop icons Notorious BIG, Tupac, Big Pun and Big L by mixing their vocals with beats influenced by greats like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain- who all died at age 27. The Dead 27 showcases and displays D-Dub’s ability as a producer and embodies a broad range of musical styles including hard core rap, R&B, pop, and rock.

Mixtape: DDub Productions Presents: The Dead 27

Via: wedoitrightmag