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I Spotted: Bad Pussies

I spotted Mural in L.E.S yesterday Bad Pusssie with cats drinking having sex that painting was crazy. Nothing but the ARTS in NYC,you don’t know what you can late at night hanging with a few friends.


I Spotted: Stewie Chain

Here is another installment of  I SPOTTED. While I was working today a man walks in, his chain catches my eye. He was wearing a Stewie Chain. I said ” Wait a minute is that Stewie…… Wait a minute I gotta take a Picture of this” so i grabbed my Nikon and SNAPPED IT.

PEEP is shirt that Shit is Hilarious Hahaa.

I Spotted

I’m starting a new segment on the blog called I Spotted. Its about random buildings or things that i think are FRESH Hahaa. So i was in Union Square yesterday and i saw this building that i thought looked really dope. The way it was shaped was so cool the all black look i was almost tempted to go into skechers hahaa.